We spoke to Denny Hunter About How Physical Artists Should Make Their Move On The Blockchain

It’s summer in Scotland and Denny is preparing to leave his Edinburgh home to take one his Artobotic art vending machines to The Royal Scottish Academy in the heart of the Scottish Capital city during the largest arts festival in the world, The Edinburgh Festival Fringe. His mission is to interface the physical with the digital.

Some really powerful channels have opened up for artists recently and even more will become available in the near future. It’s easy to look at 8-bit 10K projects…

In the winter of 2016 Denny Hunter won an Ebay auction for what he thought was one pillar style vintage vending machine through which he wanted to vend miniature versions of his own artwork; One week later he was astonished when ‘five’ vending machines arrived at his door and Artobotic was born.

“I wanted to extend my idea of placing my artwork right under the nose of the public- in bars, barber shops and galleries to all artists- and give as much back to the artists as possible whilst still managing to keep the project running. …


Interesting art stories from across the metaverse.

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