Superthing An Emergent Force Of Art

3 min readApr 20, 2022

Web3 is in flux so I hope you will allow me the benefit of an analogy to convey my thoughts.

The wiring that has served our house since the 1980s is due for an upgrade and the cracked paint on our power socket cable is a minor cosmetic challenge compared to the inefficiency that is rooted in our breaker box and further along to our heaving energy suppliers. In a utopia we would replace this whole arcane system with something new, a system that is more like a matrix, where energy is treated with respect and distributed perfectly to where you need it and from sources that you trust. Our energy would not be centralised from a few huge behemoths but instead, we would all produce and store energy to some degree to light our homes and power our air conditioning and those who make more energy would sell it to their neighbours. This mycelial lattice of users and makers would also power a competitive new market of energy production and innovations like we have never seen before would follow a new Moore’s Law trajectory of optimisation to make energy supply profitable for people but more importantly it would make our supply unbreakable.

With this distributed system we could also imagine a new system of governance where people would vote with their energy. Our core demands to light our homes and to educate our children would be met but the overall strategy of the system would arise from the collective decisions made by all of the participants. Infrastructure, utilities and other large projects would be funded with energy. Innovations that follow the objectives of the system would be rewarded and inefficient ideas would be powered down like in a biological system.

With Web3 we can see a similar system emerging and the distributed system is already here with blockchain. Interesting communities are forming that are replacing the centralized greed of corporate dominance with communities that serve the interests of their members. DAOs and PFP projects are primitive examples of how a new economy is emerging; Our culture is rewiring itself into something very different; A geometry which will allow Quantum computing, AI and new breakthroughs in physics to stack on top.

Superthing is an example of how this vision is unfolding in the world of art. Superthing is a collective of artists who are motivated to make artwork which visualises complexed challenges presented by scientists and philosophers. Their latest art call is ‘Wave To Matter’ and examines the collapse of the wave function.

“We want to collaborate with scientists, mathematicians and academics who would usually present ideas using scientific modelling and reinterpret this with our art — A symbiosis of left and right hemisphere thinkers’

There is no centralized control in the collective as it is run as a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) this means that control of the organisation is distributed between active participants in the network. Superthings (artworks commissioned by Superthing) will appear on land within the metaverse and will be for sale as NFTs. A percentage of each sale will automatically return via an indelible smart contract to the Superthing DAO to fund increasingly ambitious projects.

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